Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You've Got a Pretty Mouth

Jesus, nobodies posting on here. This saddens me.

Anyways I'm posting in regards to a recent discordian project undertaken here at Alfred University. It is an elaborate extension of PosterGASM. We have prepared a rating system that will give buildings a letter grade on how if would fair as a defensive structure during the theorized Zombie Apocalypse Scenario (ZAS). Working in conjunction with Max Brooks and the U.S. Department of Defense we have developed the following rubric.

If anyone could review it for typos or just areas where it could be tuned up it would be handy. I encourage you all to join me in rating the buildings on your respective campus's sometime this week or next.


  1. I would like to download this. Do you have a downloadable form? (PDF would be peachy)

  2. Ho ho holy crap those are great! This is a really creative poster mission - I love how it's not just putting up posters, but a different kind of activity which bridges the real and the fantastic.

    I'd also love to see a DL link -- or a link to your scribd page?


  4. Oh my god, nobody´s posting at my shity blog...
    Maybe coz your blog sucks. Stop bitchin´around and post some serious shit yourself.

    Hail Loki!

    PS: Them fuckin nazi-UFOs stole my lawn mower again. Crap!