Sunday, July 4, 2010

George's Weakness is his Eyes!

Fuck a duck, it's been a while.

Last night, Eris decided that, because I have been lacking in my Discordian ways, she was going to force it a bit. We had a party at my apartment last night, Mexican Bandito themed. As always, it simply turned into Drinking themed, but at least I was wearing a sombrero and donning a handlebar moustache drawn in with non-toxic washable markers. The washable part was correct, the ink came off very easily. I do, however, have my doubts about the validity of non-toxic. As I type this, my moustache is still very visible, though now a bright red, due to an apparent allergic reaction to the marker ink.

I have a bright red handlebar moustache. What's more Discordian than that?

Anyways, It's the summer, I'm barely working, have no money and no girlfriend. Perfect set of circumstances for fucking around with people. SUGGESTIONS, YO!

Daily Discord: Have an axe with you, all day. Look at people like they're crazy if they bring it up.

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