Monday, September 21, 2009

Armchair Hero'd

I have an interior design class. Yeah, I know. Anyway, we have to design a yurt. Therefore, I will be constructing the world's first ROVING VIKING AWESOMEFUCK YURT. I expect an A. I'll update you once I have the plans drawn up.

I followed Tony's DD, and called up my dentist, and told her to remove my appointment for next week. She told me that I hadn't made an appointment, that my next one was in several months. I said "Scandalous!" and hung up.

I'm going to start making and printing some fake signs for school. Also, I found a fort. I'll check it out, and see it's potential.

Daily Discord: Call a Starbucks and ask for Ice Cream Cake. When they say they don't offer it, ask for a manager. Tell the manager that he/she is a racist.

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