Friday, September 25, 2009

"Repent Ticktockman" Said the Harlequin

Today I walked by the door of my R.A. and had found some mathematics on his door's white board with the header, "I was bored". I decided to check his math and found some problems with his integral, it lacked a constant of integration and a dx. I helped him correct the error of his ways while informing him of the problems with his original equation.
After this I decided to go to my room and work on one of my various charities. You know that every year around 50 students between the ages of 12-18 are sent into the frozen arctic to starve, with nothing to eat but what the cafeteria can serve them. Well no more! So I got the name of one of these first years and decided to send them some food. Some fully cooked oriental ramen to be precise with a letter explaining the cause of the charity, in a white envelope.

Mmmm. Who ordered delivery?

Hopefully USPS can find it in their hearts to send this one along. I suggest finding a first year of your own and give the gift of lunch today.

Daily Discord: Pretend to practice a religion you know little to nothing about.

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